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Monday, 27 July 2009

Being Bold

Being bold with your writing makes it better. Never write with the thought of someone reading it. it will inhibit your words and block their flow.

If an idea seems odd, illogical or insane, then use it. Don't hold back. Keep writing while the boldness is in you. It will be amazing to read back later. You may tweak and trim it, but at the very least, you will have the germ of a very productive piece of work.

If an idea seems a bit dull or tired to you, then it probably is. So play with it. Like a cat with a mouse, give it a gentle push to see how it moves. Then play with it some more. Then watch. It may start running. Don't let it go. Stay with it. Follow its progress and keep pushing it to its limits.

However bizarre, however many strange tangents have developed, don't be intimidated. These are your thoughts. They will become your unique story. Different from the pack. Original.

So start pursuing them and don't give up the hunt. Everything you are going to write is waiting for you to be brave and get the words written.

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