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Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Joy Of The Long List

My name was included in the long list for a short story competition. It is a joyful experience to see your own name there. So often you enter a competition and nothing happens. You wonder whether your entry came close or was miles wide of the mark. There are sometimes critiques offered at a small extra charge and I might treat myself to some of those in the future. It's helpful to get feedback and removes some of the doubts about the story that inevitably form in your mind.

But this time at least I know that I came in the top twenty entries. I wasn't in the final ten, but I have the satisfaction of knowing I reached a position between eleventh and twentieth. Hopefully, although I don't know how many entries there were in total, that means I did quite well.

The other good thing is that the story is now free to be sent elsewhere, since only the ten finalists will be published. The fact that it was longlisted means I have extra confidence about its potential. It will do well somewhere. The longlist has filled me with renewed confidence!

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