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Friday, 17 July 2009

Sitting On It

It works better for me to write fast-ish and then leave the story for a day and go back to it. It's surprising how many new ideas and tangents I can find for the plot and characters. Then I leave it for a day or two again and return to it, amazed at how many errors and dull sentences and extravagant adjectives there still are. Then I leave it a week or so and back I go again until I'm sure that it can't be improved anymore. I also feel a bit tired of it by then, so fear that I won't continue to do it justice.

I am always horrified by the thought that, when I first started, I would submit second, even first drafts! I am criminally impatient and have had to curb that to such an extent that I am now enjoying the new-found skill of PATIENCE!

Sitting on things is fun! I still don't always hang on to them long enough, but will keep practising!

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