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Monday, 3 August 2009

Finding A Voice

You may think that standing out is not easy. Why should your story demand the editor or judge's attention? It looks at first glance like all the others. Ostentatious fonts and embellishments are frowned upon, so it's actually good to look like the mainstream, but how can yours claim the spotlight?

When you try to join in a conversation with people who seem to be quicker or better than you are at saying interesting things at exactly the right moment, it can be hugely frustrating. They thrust themselves forward, while you struggle to make yourself heard. Then your confidence fades and you settle for the sidelines.

But the great thing about wrting is that you don't have to jostle. All the manuscripts look the same and all are silent until the reader reads them. Yours will br treated equally along with all the others. So all those blustering people who might trample on you in real life can't do so when it comes to the written word.

Writing gives you the same voice as all the rest. So all you must do is make the writing the highest standard you can. Enjoy doing that, safe in the knowledge that, while you do it, no one can shout you down and snatch your words away. The stage is yours.

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