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Sunday, 16 August 2009

No Bleating!

People moan. It's almost a hobby for some. They must like the sound of their whining voices, bleating about their writer's block or their lack of time to write or interruptions to their writing time. It's a lot of wasted breath spouting rubbish.

As I've said before, I don't really believe in writer's block. It's an excuse for not letting your mind work. Lack of time? Who ever has enough time for everything? You have to make it. It's not handed to you. Find the part or parts of the day when you can spare time and make sure you actually use it.

Interruptions? Tell people you are busy writing for the next half-an-hour or two hours. Don't respond to any attempts to disturb you, unless it's an emergency. Promise your undivided attention later, when you've finished. Clearly, you have to complete your work-hours or, if looking after dependents, you have to enlist further help before settling down to write. That isn't always easy and occasionally impossible to arrange. But always use your free time from work and the time when dependents are asleep/occupied elsewhere. Use it to write, not to moan. You may not be able to snatch great quantities of time. And it may involve perching a pad of paper on your lap or a corner of the kitchen table. It may mean ignoring the dirty dishes for a while. But do it anyway.

If it invades your sleep-time and you feel weary, so what? You'll just have to be tired for a bit until you can catch up again. Obviously, don't make yourself ill and exhausted, but make what sacrifices you can in order to give yourself the writing time you deserve.

Free time is best spent writing, not moaning.

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