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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Writing With Fear

I started a story yesterday with no idea where it would go. It was terrifying. It was a story for the WriteInvite website, which I mentioned in a previous post. There was half an hour to write the story as usual, but I launched in without a coherent thought in my head. I've done this before and I've said that it is better to write straight from the heart without too much thinking.

However, there are occasions when the fear overcomes me and I find I am writing totally blindly. There are no signposts in my head at all and I couldn't see them even if there were. I have no notion of the next word, let alone the next sentence.

But all I have to do is remain positive. I have to know it will work out, so that is what I believe. I don't work hard to convince myself. If I did that, I would be wasting the energy I need to use for the writing. I just tell myself, quietly and firmly, that all will be well. And it always is.

My story yesterday soon took on a shape of its own. I went along with it, stayed with it and focused closely on it for the full half-hour, submitting it with seconds to spare. I let the writing lead me and that's the best way.

I was satisfied and surprised by the finished result. It was a complete tale with a beginning, middle and end. There was ambiguity at the end, but it was still a good conclusion, leaving the reader with something to think about. The opening was intriguing and there was some nice imagery, as well as some humour, in the middle. I was happy with it.

So always accept the fear and stay in the story, letting it form without being distracted by terror!

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