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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Don't Let It End

I know the exact moment that I realise how much I love a story written by someone else. That moment comes when I stop reading because I don't want it to end.

I pause, then restart, reading more slowly. I savour every word, reluctant to let go, longing to create a story as gripping as this next time I sit down to write. Sometimes I look back at the beginning, in order to keep the end at bay for longer. I work through it again, trying to guess, without actually wanting to, what the outcome will be.

When I reach the end, I hope I won't be disappointed. Often I love it. Occasionally I feel slightly let down, cheated out of my high expectations.

The problem for my own writing is that I race through it when I edit. I feel almost embarrassed, as if this can't possibly be any good. Thankfully I'm often surprised and pleased with it on the whole. I remind myself that the whole point of this is to find mistakes and make improvements. I can't expect the perfection I find in other people's work. I'm always my own harshest critic.

I hope that one day, perhaps after putting a story away for a while, I shall read one of mine and slow right down, putting off the end until the last moment.

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