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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Hang On, I've Got An Idea

Ideas can come from everywhere, literally. Television programmes, radio plays and interviews, conversations, especially overheard ones, people-watching (spend regular sessions in Costa and have paper and pencil with you), long walks, both in towns and the countryside, shopping trips and leisure centre visits, both as participant and spectator.

Always have an eye and an ear open for story material. It's like collecting scraps of fabric for a patchwork bedspread. They don't look like much individually, but each piece helps to make an amazing finished item. The colour or pattern of one square might inspire a theme for the entire bedspread.

So cherish those odd one-liners and chunks of chat or gossip. Note down clothes, colours, perfumes, pie-fillings, sunsets, storms and whatever else you spot on your travels. Then knit some of them together in your stories for a unique style all of your own.

Great things can grow from bits and pieces. So be observant and never dismiss anything as irrelevant. Some striking imagery, born from a casual observation one day, could catch a judge's eye and lift your competition work up higher than everyone else's.

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