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Monday, 28 September 2009

Keeping Going

There are lots of competitions with results due soon. I am hopeful and not a little excited about these, but realise I have to be realistic. I haven't been writing for that long yet, and I'm competing with experienced writers. Although I still stand a chance, and I have had some work published already, there are wonderfully tight, well-wrought stories in these international contests. Many are going to be better than mine.

I'm not being defeatist or over-critical of myself. I'm good, but I need to keep getting better. I read the stories which are selected, those amazing few out of many hundreds, and I marvel at them.

The important thing is to learn what I can from these stories and use it. Clever themes, wonderful characters, smooth plots, solid structure and joyous pacing. I'm going to absorb it all. Then I'll be in with a chance. The work never stops.

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