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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Get A Grip!

I was very excited by an acceptance for a story that I had sent out three times. At last it was going to be published and I was excited and delighted. It kept me writing well for the rest of that day. I write best when I'm happy about something.

Then in the late evening I was emailed two rejections at once. I came plummeting down to earth. The next morning, instead of still feeling elated about the sale, I felt gloomy about the other two. It was a glass-half-empty morning.

Then I got a grip. I dusted down the two rejects and tweaked them for a new market. I sent them both off and did some editing. Then, despite the cloud still hovering above my head, I started a new story. Then, as the cloud thinned a little, I chased a story up. Hated doing this, but kept the query polite and brief. The result was a kind reply promising to look into it, followed by a prompt email telling me it was being slow because it was on a shortlist!

The cloud vanished instantly and the day remained very bright indeed. However, I think it wasn't just the good news about the shortlist that helped, although that had a massive amount to do with it, it was the fact that I kept on working, pushing, trying, progressing with my writing. I didn't wallow. Well, not for long.

So the advice is simple - get a grip!

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