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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Love Your Successes

Well, you never know what's coming! I returned from a week in Ireland to find a copy of a magazine with my story in it under a new title, two cheques for accepted, yet-to-be-published stories and an email telling me I'd won £100 first prize in a short-story competition! Plus another winning story in the weekly online flash-fiction competition, WriteInvite, that I take part in on a regular basis.

The prizes/income are great, but the thrill of seeing your name there is better! Never give up, because the more you participate, the more chances there are for success. You won't get read just because you write. You must send it out there and let it have the opportunity to be seen. Lots of your work won't be successful, but some will. And it's the successes that count. No one is keeping a tally of near-misses or also-rans. They really shouldn't get you down. Log all the rejections, so that they can be re-marketed. But log the winning stuff too, so you can see at a glance how well you've done.

By the way, the £100-first-prize story I mentioned had been rejected three times before!

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