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Monday, 3 October 2011

Fish Out Of Water

My youngest daughter, my husband and I are hooked on the TV series, Pretty Little Liars. I can't believe my husband, not a fan of American TV, (particularly far-fetched, lip-gloss-coated, poorly-acted mystery dramas), has become hooked. And there are some scary bits which I thought might have proved too much for my thirteen-year-old. (Although she is the coolest and most stoical person we know.) I am slightly surprised that I take time out to watch it too, since I don't really have much interest in television and don't know how to work the remote control at all. I do watch good films and the occasional good series if the family are keen to watch too. But I would never think of turning on the TV when I'm on my own.

However, Pretty Little Liars has everything a good short story needs. Conflict, tension, movement, fascinating characters (and I'm not thinking at all of Toby or Caleb's six-packs here) and good settings. There is humour as well as tragedy, plus lots of those everyday 'kitchen-sink' moments speeding the plot along.

Quite simply, it hooks you from the first, The three of us are dangling on the line with no wish to be set free. We've given up being cynical about impossibly glamorous people (the sort who wake up with perfect hair and false eyelashes in place) and absurdly unrealistic life-styles. We just wriggle contentedly on those hooks and gaze, wide-eyed, at this pretty little fabricated realm.

We gasp from time to time and say "What?" at the twists and turns, then spend ages trying to unravel it all afterwards. We even hope that not all the loose ends are tied up when it finishes, so we can keep on pontificating and wondering forever.

So although TV is not my thing, and this kind of programme is far removed from my husband's kind of thing, it just shows how we all like to be a fish out of water sometimes, just for forty minutes here and there. Especially when there's a damn good story (underneath the lip-gloss) to follow.


  1. That sounds fascinating, Joanna - I've never seen it, although I think one of my American writing colleagues mentioned it a while ago. I do like TV drama so I'll look out for it being repeated.

  2. Haven't heard of this one, but I'm not much of a telly watcher either. The only channel I really like is BBC 4 which they are talking about getting rid of. Mind you, if I've been at work on a Saturday it's nice to slump on the sofa and wind down in front of Strictly!

  3. Joanna - just letting you know I've given you a Friendly Blogger Award this morning. You can pick it up from my blog whenever convenient!

  4. Thank you so much Rosemary! I'm delighted with this award and will collect it right now! That's really kind of you and much appreciated.

    Thank you Joanne. Saturday evening was always my favourite time for TV when I used to work in WH Smith and come home exhausted!