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Saturday, 3 March 2012


Here are my eleven questions for tagging:

1) How would you cope if you were stuck in a broken-down lift?
2) Do you suffer from road rage?
3) Which era would you prefer to have been born in?
4) What is the item of clothing you have loved wearing most?
5) Have you ever hated a holiday and why?
6) Which meal would be your worst nightmare to eat?
7) Do you like toast very brown or pale?
8) What do you do if you can't sleep?
9) Have you ever hidden when a friend knocks on your door?
10) When you sit down to write, do you keep getting up again for valid reasons, such as urgently-required biscuits? And then wonder how you ever manage to finish a story?
11) Who is the short story writer whose work you could read over and over again, both for pleasure or inspiration?

Many thanks and looking forward to the answers.


  1. What brilliant questions, Joanna! I think almost every one of them could be used as a starting point for a story. I love no. 10 - I am always going off in search of urgently-required biscuits/chocolate/anything edible really x

  2. Thank you, Teresa. And thank you for tagging me in the first place.
    This is actually a useful sort of exercise for thinking up story ideas! But I'll have to get a biscuit before I start!

  3. Not sure how one does tagging, but they're good questions. I have been known to hide if people come to the door when I am very busy. That's what comes of working at home!

  4. Gosh thanks Joanna
    I'll try to post my answers Sunday.

  5. Thanks, Jenny. I'm glad I'm not the only one to hide!

  6. Many thanks, Madeleine. I've just visited your blog and love all your answers!

  7. Sorry, Joanna I've tagged you again :-) Hope you don't mind x