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Friday, 31 July 2015

Greenacre Writers

Greenacre Writers is a fantastic organisation, which has expanded into three groups covering short story writing, starting novels and finishing novels.

They run beautiful retreats and stimulating writing workshops, including a walking workshop with an emphasis on nature as a spur for writing, as well as offering short story writers an opportunity to submit work to their excellent and very popular annual competition.

They also run the highly successful Finchley Literary Festival, which offers all kinds of literary events in a variety of venues throughout the borough of Finchley. Writer Lindsay Bamfield, one of the organisers, has a very interesting blog, which includes reports on all the news from the Finchley Festival.

Greenacre Writers, who have always offered me great support, have kindly interviewed me about my writing and asked some lovely, searching questions which transported me back through the years to relive the beginnings of my writing career.

Thank you so much, Greenacre Writers, for this perfect opportunity to reflect.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful group, Joanna, and I love the idea of that writing retreat with nature. I've always found great support at my local writing group.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. Yes, I also love the idea of spending time with nature, just allowing ideas to develop and slowing the pace down a little. I'm trying to give myself more thinking time along with the time spent actually writing and I think that venturing outside helps a great deal. I tend to get very desk-bound! Greenacre are fantastic and a huge asset to their writing community. xxx

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