Sunday, 14 February 2010


I am pleased to have one of my stories in 100 Stories For Haiti, £11.99, Bridge House Publishing.

The earthquake victims will be helped if people buy the book. I feel slightly less selfish about wanting to be a writer now that I have contributed to this.

Writing is a solitary and single-minded thing to do. Writers can become obsessed and insular. They feel guilty giving so much time and attention to writing, especially when it isn't easy to make a living out of it. The creative rewards are always there for the writer, but it is nice to see that sometimes the financial rewards can be there for other people as well.


  1. Congrats. It sounds like you are part of a worthwhile cause.

    I served, four months, in Haiti back in '94-'95 and know first hand that these people have suffered for far to long. My wife and I sent some money through the American Red Cross.

  2. Hi Joanna - I'm so pleased to have found your blog via a comment you left on Womagwriter!

  3. Thank you Joanne. I'm delighted to have just found yours too. I absolutely love The Power Of Purple. It's a beautiful story. It really deserved its success!