Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Last Night's Scribble

Do I follow every instinct? Have I the time to feel my way along darkish alleys that might be dead-ends? I say this because I thought yesterday that I had written a complete story. (I rarely think they are good. First I sense that they are finished. And that's quite a satisfying feeling. Then I go back again. At that point I might hate them. Or, with luck, I might actually smile at them.) Yesterday's story was beginning to make its way into my affections. It certainly had a completeness about it.

However, as I was falling asleep last night, I realised it needed another character. There had to be a woman in the background. A mysterious one, whom we may never meet face-to-face, but a flesh-and-blood woman nonetheless. She was vital, my instincts said, for the story to be lifted off the rather flat behind upon which it was currently sitting. She would put a little meat on its buttocks.

Now I am sitting here ready to make her. I have last night's scribbled notes to hand. And I'm dithering whether she is necessary after all. Should I go with last night's feelings? I might waste a whole morning. Am I just itching to start something new? Or shall I go with my gut instinct and then file her away if I don't like her after all? I shall continue to ponder...


  1. Hope you managed to solve this one. It's amazing how those late night flashes of inspiration can seem useless in the cold light of day, yet at other times are the problem solvers you need. I hope you find a home for your woman even if it isn't in the story you intended, she sounds too good to let go.

    I've given you a Beautiful Bloggers award - details over at my place.

  2. Thank you so much, Teresa, for the lovely award. It's very encouraging to receive this and I'm so happy!

    My woman is fascinating, but not for this story. However, she turned out to be helpful, because, while trying to shoe-horn her into the plot, I realised what was actually missing! And it wasn't her! The main character simply needed more depth and a twist to the events within his own life, rather than the addition of another person. He was rather flat and needed fleshing out.

    I shall definitely keep my lady in a file, though, and use her in the future, in her own rightful setting. She wouldn't fit in the current story any more than a Turkey Twizzler in an organic cafe.

  3. I know Teresa gave you a Beautiful Bloggers Award already, but I couldn't leave you out of my top ten so I've given you another!

  4. Thank you, Joanne! That's a great compliment and I am truly delighted.