Wednesday, 24 March 2010

She Who Hesitates...

I have realised that if you find yourself hesitating when writing, you should go ahead and write it anyway. It's possibly something essentially good and you might be holding back through fear or shyness. You have to overcome that reluctance to reveal yourself on paper.

Don't think, 'I can't write that! People will be shocked or repulsed or disapproving. Or they might laugh.' You need a reaction, otherwise there's nothing to elicit a gasp or a giggle from your readers.

You can always delete things at the next edit. So let them go in at first. Then look coldly at what you've written the next time you revise it and you will know if it's good or not. It might mean that you can't send it to the publication you had intended it for. You have perhaps added things that render it unsuitable. But there is always somewhere else where it will find a home.

So, if you hesitate, write it anyway! You'll find out in time if it was worth it. And sometimes it is! Write as though no one is going to read it. And if you find yourself gasping/giggling, then you'll be sure you've got something good.


  1. It's hard not to censor what we write, isn't it. But it's true that it's better to be brave and let whatever's inside your head come out in that first draft. Often then you end up in places you didn't expect to go!

  2. Joanna, you might want to pop across to my blog...