Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Approaching the end of 2010, I feel quite satisfied all round, I think. As a family we have been through some miserable months, but have begun seeing a glimmer of hope that those problems may be fading now. Two of our daughters have faced depression and personal problems. The biggest shock for me was that I couldn't help them. With maternal arrogance, I thought I could put them back together myself, only to discover that too much emotion of my own is invested in the girls. Which meant that talking about things I couldn't make better resulted in me feeling a failure and adding to their unhappiness. Professional help was needed and has given positive results. The girls are much happier, fitter, brighter and moving on. And I have discovered that a mother just has to be here for them. That's what counts.

Writing-wise, I have been fortunate. I have had lots of rejections of course, but some pleasing results as well throughout the year. I have just heard that I've won first prize in The Yellow Room Competition. It was a story that fell out of my head like a cake from a well-greased tin. There it was. And I just kept smiling as I wrote it. It gave me so much fun and pleasure that I would have treasured it even if it had never seen the light of day out there. So I'm really glad for the story that it succeeded. It just seemed to be sitting there, ready for me to tip it out into the world. I almost feel like the middle-man really. Many thanks to Jo Derrick of The Yellow Room for liking it too. It's a fantastic magazine with all kinds of good stories.

I wish everyone kind enough to read my posts a merry Christmas and a brilliant, shiny, happy 2011, with lots of writing from us all. And, hopefully, more success for every one of us.