Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Second drafts and second opinions

Novel number two, a harrowing story with an all-male cast whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by females, is shaping up well, largely due to my husband reading each chapter as I revise the second draft. Thankfully, he says he is really enjoying it, but I can also trust him to be honest when a detail jars or a passage of description teeters into total tedium territory or a character behaves...well, out-of-character. Several chapters have been returned with constructive comments and he is living up to his family maxim that a Campbell - while not always right - is never wrong. (I have spent thirty-one years trying to understand that.) Every time I follow his suggestions, the narrative improves in manifold ways.

This method of working has increased my confidence in the novel. Knowing he is keenly awaiting the next installation is a brilliant spur. He sends me an email when he has loved a chapter, so when it fails to ping, I know further work is in the offing. As a pure reader seeking entertainment and hoping to feel empathy with the characters, rather than reading it as a copy-editor or proofreader, he is giving me the feedback I need at this stage and always suggests wonderful ways out of any inconsistencies or dead-ends in the plot.

In other news, When Planets Slip Their Tracks, my story collection, is due to be released by Christmas if all goes well. Ink Tears, the publishers, say it will soon have its spine, so, with that in place, I am looking forward so much to seeing it up and running.

And finally, Tying Down the Lion has been given a very kind review by Carol Sampson on her website here. Nothing thrills me more than knowing a reader has enjoyed their journey with the Bishops, so, while gnashing my teeth over Chapter Eighteen of novel two before the hubster sees it, her lovely response has given me a wonderful boost.

Adrian (another male whose life is thrown into turmoil by females) with me and our three daughters at the launch of TDTL

Monday, 5 October 2015

Around the World in Books - Melissa Rose Showcases Tying Down The Lion

Today, I am proud to be the featured author on Around the World in Books, the lovely website of book enthusiast and author champion, Melissa Rose from Vancouver.

Melissa loves to read books from all around the world and every Friday she showcases five books from a selected country.

Melissa's tireless support for authors aiming to promote their books is greatly appreciated. Many thanks to her for supporting Tying Down The Lion and bringing it to a new readership.